This is the Marathi translation of BYCULLA TO BANGKOK by S Hussain Zaidi. This is a meticulously researched tale of the Mumbais underworld, thrillingly told . (Byculla To Bangkok) (Marathi Edition) [(HUSSAIN ZAIDI)] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Chota Rajan Arun Gawli Ashwin Naik What is. Visit: View Book Details.

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The books covers every detail in a meticulo From the dingy and dark lanes of Byculla to the upmarket streets of Bangkok and Dubai it’s about gangsters and mafia raj which ruled Mumbai and it’s roads in 80’s and 90’s. But oh well, I will take it. The book is full of such stories of enocounter, vedentta mystries,crptic murders,Chain of revenge,Bloodsheded Love stories and tells us about untold stories of Mumbai’s Mafia. Must read for every gangster genre reader.

All in all, Byculla to Bangkok is a scary account of revenge, broad daylight killings and merciless encounters which lack the intensity of Dongri to Dubai, but is definitely a one time read. The book focuses on how lives of gangsters other than Dawood Ibrahim panned out and it is riveting. It gives us a big picture of the how and why of mafia growth.

Byculla to Bangkok

Last but most important, pictures of all characters should have been given. Heroes sometimes do fail From the dingy and dark lanes of Byculla to the upmarket streets of Bangkok and Dubai it’s about gangsters and mafia raj which ruled Mumbai and it’s roads in 80’s and 90’s.

Some died, some became disillusioned, others simply lost their minds.

Getting back to the book, It is fast paced and not that big pages, Kindle edition so, you could comfortably finish it in a few sittings. Books about Mumbai books non-fiction books Indian non-fiction books Non-fiction books about organized crime Crime in Maharashtra 21st-century Indian books.


It is quite interesting to know how all three dons started their career and become dons. Zaidi introduces around a million characters which are clearly divided into 2 sides: Jul 26, Geet Mahajan rated it really liked it.

I am giving it four stars because this can stand on its own footing as a great book to read. If one book was not enough for the whole story which of-course, was not he could have split the whole thing on a bhwykhala general lines than portraying them in such a fashion. The amount of research that has gone into this book shows, when small and delightful details are added in between. I really wanted Zaidi to focus on one character in a given hbaykhala but you’ll get lost once you find some other character in between.

Byculla to Bangkok (Marathi)

Stories are mostly focussed on the nineties and the beginning of the 21st century. Quotes from Byculla to Bangkok.

Zaidi’s interview with Arun Gavali in Harsool jail is quite interesting to read. Views Read Edit View history. If you want to read this book, then make sure you have read Dongri to Dubai. Make no mistake about it; although it has been researched in depth, it is not an academic work.

Byculla to Bangkok – Wikipedia

The Mumbai Underworld, Mumbai Mafia…. If you are interested in reading about crimethe mafia, their origin stories then this is a must read for you, along with the other two by Mr. Importance has been given to the role of Shiv Sena and BJP, but Cong has been totally leftout with respect to its role in enabling the mafia.


Hussain Zaidi was a former investigative journalist, who spent much of his career covering the mafia and crimes in Mumbai all solid reasons to read his books, specially this one.

After reading his book “Dongri to Dubai”, I didn’t think I would read another amazing book on Mumbai mafia.

This book is not yet featured on Listopia. The vivid description to the last detail adds to the horrific encounters and brutal killings and the fight to power and rule Mumbai. Amar is shown as quick witted and stylish don who indulged every kind of nefarious activities; drug dealing, smuggling, gun running, extortion others.

A must read for those who are willing to know more about the crime developments in Mumbai. It is extremely readable and doesnt bore the reader. This book catch your attention from the beginning. The author with his background as a crime reporter has got all the juicy tit bits of information, including the killers eccentricities and beliefs. Chota Rajan, Arun Gawli and Ashwin Naik are among those whose lives Hussain Zaidi recounts with his characteristic flair for narrativizing the Mumbai underworld.


To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. So while reading Byculla bxngkok Bangkok Byculla to Bangkok Cover art of the Book. All this definitely makes the book a worthy read. Organized crime in any part of the world, makes up for a fascinating study, insensitive, is it?

But, well, I was left a bit underwhelmed by the whole account.