The Body-cathexis Scale is examined to assess its psychometric properties. Results indicate a strong unidimensional measure with high internal consistency. The Body Cathexis Scale (BCS) was the first psychometric instrument devised to measure body dissatisfaction. In this study we report the. The oriainal Bodv-cathexis Scale (BCS) used by Secord and Jourard () consisted of a list of 46 parts or aspects of the body. These were rated by.

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Click here to sign up. Help Center Find new research papers in: Cultural scripting, particularly male socialization that fosters exercise involvement and physical fitness, may be partially responsible for higher body cathexis scores among males, since participation in fitness activities catbexis to yield significant improvement in body satisfaction. Log In Sign Up.

The scale was completed in all cases within 20 min. The results suggest that the measure has unidimensional properties. Results indicate a strong unidimensional measure with high internal consistency.

It must be emphasized that such a procedure relaxes the criterion of detenninancy considerably and so no strong claim for the uniqueness of this solution can be made here.

The final factor VII from this analysis can be seen as a health and effectiveness factor. Although seven factors were extracted, showing clear simple structure, they cannot he held to be very bpdy as independent operational constructs due to lack of determinancy. The items loading on this factor appear to have no common theme other than the fact that they are all body parts.


Journal of Consulting Psychology. The analysis was undertaken in two stages.

The items all lie within a positive manifold, the maximum inter-item correlation being 0. A psychometric investigation cathezis the body-cathexis scale. Only six questionnaires were dropped due to inappropriate responding. Although the a coefficient was high, this could have been due to the large number of items in the scale, consequently the inter-item correlations were examined.

As the findings of their study confirm, Muth and Cash suggest that the gender-differential societal and personal standards of body attractiveness place women at a higher predisposition for less favorable, more invested, and more distressing body image attitudes.

Body cathexis – Wikipedia

It is recommended as a scale for research into the role of body feelings in self-concept and personality. Along with garment fit satisfaction, research also indicates that body image attitudes and emotions may be correlated with disordered eating behaviors. Effects of advanced weight-training on body cathexis and self-esteem.

Body cathexis and the self.

Views Read Edit View history. A Pearson product-moment inter-item correlation matrix was calculated and a maximum likelihood factor analysis was performed Joreskog, Body image and eating disorders.

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Perceptual and Motor Skills53 3 The determinancy and factor correlations are shown in Table 3. Gardner Press, New York. What Difference Does Gender Make? Consumer behaviour Psychoanalytic terminology. This is a prerequisite of replicable factors.

Sex differences in body cathexis associated with exercise involvement. One’s perception of his or her body and the feelings associated with this perceived image greatly boody overall satisfaction with the self and can predict levels of self-esteem.


Retrieved from ” https: Factor V is a body-built factor associated with weight, while Factor VI is a body-built factor associated with physique and muscular strength. The factor correlations reveal that they are not mutually independent as the smallest inter-factor correlation is 0.

Considering the importance of the construct of body-self in notions of personality and self-concept, the scale clearly has utility in further psychological research.

Body cathexis

Among the few empirical studies relevant to the relatedness of the body and the self is that of Schilder, who — through a series of self-report questionnaires — procured evidence suggesting that negative feelings, associations, and memories about the body can probe higher levels of dissatisfaction with the self.

Because body image and body weight are a high priority in western culture, men and women alike face gender-based societal pressures to achieve an ideal body image, which in turn influences feelings about the body and preoccupation with size, shape, weight, and appearance.

Theory, M easurement, Development and Behaviour. Split-half reliabilities for the scale reported by Secord and Jourard ranged from 0. In addition to the purely kinaesthetic information gleaned from the body, much of the self-concept is dependent upon cultural attitudes to the physical attributes it possesses.