“Part mystery, part fantasy, this beautifully-written page turner explores guilt, mercy, and love.”—New York Times bestselling author Holly Black Briony has a. “Part mystery, part fantasy, this beautifully-written page turner explores guilt, mercy, and love.”—New York Times bestselling author Holly. Review of Chime by Franny Billingsley () On its surface, Chime is a novel set in early 20th century England, a time when belief in witches and spirits domi.

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But but I did not mind a bit. Maybe not for you? But all this darkness is woven into a very good mystery tale that closes on an uplifting, hopeful note. There were just tendons and blood spewing all over the place.

A few mild romantic situations and references to feeling lustful, and one holiday night is described as being the cause of many abrupt weddings.

When Billingsley returned to the United States, she took a job as the children’s book-buyer at 57th Street Books, a major independent bookseller on the South Side of Chicago. Don’t let my face fool you; it tells the worst lies.

My First Read of 2011: Franny Billingsley’s ‘Chime’

Get it now on Searching for billingsleg and purchasing options The plot revolves around a stepmother, and illness, around a girl who is made to believe that she’s a bitch. The prose was part brilliant, part annoying and part weird. Eldric and Briony form a friendship first and romance later. Before her stepmother passed away, she told Briony a secret: A suitor tries to force himself on Briony, and a rival fights him off; Briony badly beats a boy who jeers at her twin sister; an innocent girl suspected of being a witch is hanged; one character is murdered; the swamp is full of dangerous beings that can seriously injure or kill people — and do.


What books are YOU loving? From the little boy that Briony considers a friend to the unfortunate man murdered in the marsh, they are all superbly characterized. Briony was a wolfgirl who let her jealousies bubble with the swamp; she set fire to the library and bought floods into the home. Chime creates an unearthly world, a land dominated by marshes and superstitious people. About people who only feel a black hole inside. Sprinkle on some idiosyncrasies and a mother-hen mentality due to her sister’s issues and you’ve got Briony Larkin.

Time flew by on fringed moth wings. Happy that people are starting to talk about this one! So I was certain I’d give it three.

While they were children, Briony grew jealous chkme the sudden amount of attention that their stepmother was paying to Rose and caused Rose to fall off of a swing set.

Personalize Common Sense for your family. I really liked Briony, her voice, her view and bkllingsley of things. Wonderful approach to the subject of emotional abuse. Billingsley makes each word count, creating a magic through her carefully crafted story that only a true wordsmith can accomplish. It feels odd to write of myself, not of the Folk. Common Sense is a nonprofit organization.

There were some things i didn’t understood. Just too weird for me.

Kid, 11 years old August 20, Billingsley invites us to enter a world where the Boogy Man is real and witches run wild. Now Briony has worn her guilt for chlme long it’s become a second skin. View all 17 comments.


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Franny Billingsley

Want personalized picks that fit your family? Mar 23, TheBookSmugglers rated it it was amazing Shelves: It’s one of those “you have to just trust me and read it for yourself” books to truly understand the complexity of this story.

This is a decadent young adult fairytale, to be consumed with patience and the unwavering trust in the author to tell her story in a round-about, beautiful way. I also didn’t see any chemistry between Briony and Eldric.

What struck me about this novel was the attention to detail. I’ve confessed to everything and I’d like to be hanged.

My First Read of Franny Billingsley’s ‘Chime’ | ShelfTalker

The subject of emotional abuse from a parent, and fighting the resulting self-hatred that inevitably stems from being told you are terrible over and over at such a young age, is something that I am unfortunately intimately familiar with. Though she is often misguided, her intentions are good. This is not something I’ve seen approached much in the books I’ve read, and I enjoyed seeing it here, because it happens more often than you’d like to think it would.