Full text of “Novation Drum Station Owner’s Manual”. See other formats 4 Classic TR V2 Another setup of this timeless classic. 5 ‘Hardcore’ TR Documents, presets, manuals Novation DrumStation – Audiofanzine. Novation Drum Station Manual Pdf MAC – Novation USB Driverdmg · Novation USB Driverexe Impulse – Getting Started · Impulse – Guide de.

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It is used to switch between mznual two TR Cymbals. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. For more information see the ‘Controller Map’ section on page Drum Rotary Controls Display Idents. Snappy – Rotary This knob controls the amount of noise in the snare sound.

To hear the effect this dtumstation on a drum sound listen to the demo whilst making reference to Page Specifications subject to change: Welcome to a percussive “Analogue for the 90s”.

All Programs If you want to overwrite all the existing programs, move the ‘Write’ switch to the ‘Enable’ position and transmit the sysex dump from your computer. Conga Select – Switch This switch selects which of the three Congas will be edited by the Level and Tune knobs when the ‘Select’ switch is set to ‘Congas’.

At ‘0’, the sound falls off immediately producing a very ‘tight’ sound. For your reference, the j full set drumdtation sounds from the original units and the method used to re-create them in the D Station are listed below. Troubleshooting Guide Simultaneous playing of both and Drum kits When triggered from MIDI both and sounds may be played simultaneously.


Novation DrumStation – Wikipedia

If this product is found to be the source of interference, which can be determined by turning the unit “OFF” and “ON”, please try to eliminate the problem by using one of the following measures: Programs can only be saved in the User locations ’25’ to ’39’. When assigned to the stereo outputs this knob allows you to set the relative level of the Congas, Maracas and Claves in the “mix”.

The recognised numbers in this mode are from ’01’ to ’16’. Ensure that your computer or data storage device is ready to accept the sysex bulk dump.

As the knob is moved in a clockwise direction the longer it takes for the level to drop to zero. Sounds like Snare and Rimshot use a combination of the two, one for the skins and one for the manuxl chain. Here is a pretty decent video of the Novation Drumstation in action. To get you started 25 Factory kits have been provided and there are 15 User Programs which you can use to store your own kits, once you become familiar with the editing parameters.

Function 2 – Front Cut This function allows you to remove up to 99 milleseconds of the start or ‘front end’ of a drum sound to create a similar effect to sample editing.

Novation Drum Station Owner’s Manual

The nine sub-directories are as follows: Closed HiHat – With the HiHat’s ‘Decay’ control set to respond to Velocity data an extremely realistic ‘Accent’ can be created as the decay time increases with velocity, much like the real instrument.


For this reason it is popular to have one drum- sound per track on the sequencer as it make velocity adjustments easy. Once the patterns are playing, I can then tweak the Drumstation to taste and hopefully get some cool grooves going.

Triggered by a Roland TR When assigned to the stereo outputs this knob allows you to set the relative level of the Tune – Rotary This knob controls the pitch of the Snare drum.

In this example the Tune’, Tone’ and ‘Snappy’ controls could all be set to respond to Velocity data giving a wide character change to the Snare Drum between minimum and maximum velocities. Some parameters are only available on one or two sounds eg.

See ‘Writing a program into memory, on page On page 4 is a diagram of the basic way to set up the DrumStation Rack. Data Entry Keypad – Buttons The 12 buttons of the calculator style ‘Data Entry’ keypad are used to call up and set the various operating parameters of each ‘Mode’.

The cur- rent mode is indicated by one of five LED’s on the right hand side of the display panel.

Novation Drumstation V2 a TR TR clone – Jim Atwood in Japan

Notify me of new posts via email. Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. The program number displayed will be the one selected prior to power being turned frumstation.