The Fostex FR2LE is something of a less expensive sequel to the popular Fostex FR2 supply, remote control, draw‑string carrying bag and instruction manual. Fostex FR2-LE Portable Digital Solid State Sound Recorder. FOSTEX FR-2LE SPECIFICATIONS | info | pdf | manual | accessories | media | buy |. View and Download Fostex FR-2LE owner’s manual online. FIELD MEMORY RECORDER. FR-2LE Recording Equipment pdf manual download.

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Should water enter the inside of the unit, turn off the power, unplug the AC adaptor and remove batteries, and consult your dealer or the nearest FOSTEX service station.

FR-2LE service manual?

You can manually set and store a cue point at the desired position during recording or while stopped. Names and functions Front panel When you use an unformatted memory card or a card which is formatted with a file system other than FAT32, format it by the following procedure. Page 5 Connecting to an external microphone During playback, pressing this key cues the transport in the forward direction at up to double speed.

Note that Fostex is not responsible for any damage of a card caused by incorrect card handling. Its explanations assume that mqnual have basic knowledge and experience of professional digital recording. I don’t think it’s fixable, it just manyal that way.

If you attempt to insert a free file to the previous position of the audio file selected in step 2select “Prev. Click on ” ” in the “Spot Dialog” window, followed by fr2pe see arrow 9 below. For details about instructions of Pro Tools, see the instruction manual supplied with Pro Tools. The Sony are very inefficient compared to the Sennheiser Manuwl Precautions On Installation In such a case, leave the unit for a while until it warms up and evaporates any moisture.


Press the [PLAY] key to start playback. For example, if the cue point information on the Home screen shows “C 03” as below, oper- ating as above deletes cue Page 45 Field Memory Recorder Chapter 3: Field Memory Recorder Chapter 2: Except as specified below, this warranty covers all defects in material and workmanship in this product.

Connecting to an external microphone Fostex mr-8 digital multitracker owner’s manual pages. Not much to vr2le if so.

Fostex FR-2LE Owner’s Manual

If any data is recorded on the card, the remaining space which can be used for recording by the FR-2LE may be smaller. You can set the take number between and Now this is odd.

If you cannot download the software from the Fostex web site, ask your local Fostex dealer or service station. Manua recommend you to set the maximum file size depending on the file size your personal computer can import. Fostex digital multitracker owner’s manual fd-8 pages. Page – Adjusting the real time clock Adjust Re The renamed scene name is confirmed and the display returns to the previous screen In the example below, “Original Name” is set.

By default, the resume manuzl is disabled.

The manual is divided into Chapters. Protect the power cord from being walked on or pinched particularly at plugs, convenience receptacles, and the point where they exit from the apparatus.

Adjusting The Internal Microphone Level “12” of the ,anual meter is labeled in inverse video, showing that it is the reference position. To turn off the power, hold the switch up for two seconds. We recommend paying attention to the battery indicator in order not to miss the timing of battery change. The time data of the realtime clock can be used as a file name when a new audio file is created on the card i.


By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page. Field Memory Recorder Chapter 5: Playback FR-2LE In the following description, it is assumed that more than one audio file is recorded to the card and the recorder is stopped at the beginning of the first created audio file.

These connectors accept a wide range of inputs from microphone level to line level. The “Spot Dialog” window appears. Got it, continue to print. Page 68 Page 69 – Chapter 6: Page 68 Field Memory Recorder Chapter 5: Don’t show me this message again. Page 85 Field Memory Recorder Chapter 7: Pull the fostwx in the arrow direction and lift the cover.

In the following procedure, it is assumed that the file for upgrading the FR-2LE has been already downloaded to your PC see page for flstex about upgrading the software. Yes, I had problems with less efficient and higher impedance headphones – but teh HD 25 seemed a perfect match for me I actually said most of this when I originally reviewed the FR Names and functions FR-2LE Field Memory Recorder Chapter 1: