An exclusive example from our swipe file Shoestring Businesses Ad by Gary Bencivenga – one of the many profitable marketing & rare copywriting examples. Anyone know where I can find some Gary B promos?. “The vast majority of products are sold because of the need for love, the fear of shame, the pride of achievement, the drive for recognition, the yearning to feel.

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I love your emails.

Pay attention, and you can get a steady source of gossip about where you might be able to go find some hot copy…. We finally got to meet in person and you delivered a killer talk. So how do we beginners know when the copy we are reading was written by one of the masters, and is worthy of our study?

He’s also worked directly with, mentored under, and discovered the secrets of some of the world’s top response-driven marketers. So thanks for the list!!! You get headlines used by some of the most successful direct marketing and sales organizations of all time.


Ad Agency Guarantee Ad by Gary Bencivenga

Usually ships in 24 hours View Product Add to Cart. Epic list, should keep me busy for a few days.

Russell Brunson World class Internet marketer, author, and speaker www. And the part that made the most noise was when I said: Hey Steve, Thanks for this comprehensive list of copywriting resources. Have used bencivennga lot of those techniques. Ben might be a freaking genius. Disclaimer — the Copyhour link above is an affiliate link.

I always try to improve my copywriting and because I love writing I love reading about it. Great linkbait as well for your site. Both are viable means of marketing.

Remote Control Swipe File – Part 2

Also, there are books, ebooks, blogs, and more dedicated to this very subject… Amazon, the library, or some research online through both paid and free resources may shortcut your search dramatically you can start at http: You then copy it out by hand so you can get inside the mind of the copywriter who wrote it and develop a deeper understanding on how to write effective sales copy.

I just like addressing people by their given names. Bencivejga good idea applied in the right way…in the right market…can yield incredible dividends. The number one goal of every business is to increase the return on investment of each marketing dollar.


Russell Brunson World class Internet marketer, author, and speaker www. If you struggle to create online or offline advertistising that works then this book is for you. Thanks for your swippe Most of them are completely free!

Please do your own research before making any purchase online. Named Marketer of the Year by Target Marketing magazine www.

Ben Settle is my email marketing mentor. I appreciate your kind words, man!! Never hurts to practice continous improvement on your skills.

Free Copywriting Swipe Files and Audio Interviews with Two Copywriting Legends

I sometimes use affiliate links on SteveScottSite. Remote Control Swipe File — Part 2. Your emails are one of the very few I read and study.