Hassam-Ul-Haramain Urdu: Book + Taqreezat (Urdu + Arabic) (By Nooria Razwia Publishing Company). Hassam Ul Haramain Bma Taqreezat. Hassam ul Haramain This is the english translation to Hassam ul. Husamul Haramain (Ḥusām al-Haramayn) or Husam al Harmain , is a treatise written by Ahmad Raza Khan ( ) which declared the founders of Deobandi, Ahle Hadith and Ahmadiyya movement as heretics. The treatise is published in Arabic, Urdu, English, Turkish and in Hindi Taqweeyat-ul Imaan” by Ismaeel Dehlwi; “Seerate Mustaqeem” by Ismaeel.

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He wrote commentary on Minhaj ul ‘Abidin of Imam Ghazali, which has been hhssam. He is the supporter of the believers hagamain guide for the followers of religion of truth. In Ahmad Raza visited Holy places in Hejaz for performing pilgrimage. In order to make these affairs according to power, the more clear thing is that amongst from the Ulama of our city, a man who is much more famous amid our chiefs and magnates as the scholar and erudite of Ahle-Sunnat-wal- Jamaat, has devoted himself in repelling these wickedness and vices.

By all means, he, who belittles the Prophet A belittles his lord, the Exalted as commanded by the Glorified Allah: We pray that God may protect us from these professors of bad beliefs, and grant us shelter from their ludicrous sayings.

He, by his cutting proofs, demolished the citadel of astrayness of the astray people. This eulogy was embellished by the writing of a surging ocean, a great scholar fnglish excellence, remainder of the elders, chief of the last, the pure trusty in Allah, a perfect divine devotee, supporter of Sunnah, effacer of calamities, a place of descension of beams of absolute light, Maulana Shaikh Muhammad Abdul Haq, Migrant from Ilahabad, perpetually supported by the hands of strength.


Astana ‘alia Murshid Abad, It also cannot render gratitude to him for his favour and due rights.

Allah, the Haramaln, may enable us to benefit from his life and also enable me to adopt his path. Blessings of Allah be upon the Chief of the Prophets Muhammad, his inmates and his all companions. After praise and eulogy, I say that I have studied the book namely “Al-Mo’tamad Al-Mustanad”, which is compiled by an illustrious scholar, who is always encircled by the people of knowledge and learnings for seeking educational profit.

The manner and style with which they are creating religious disorders, shows that Allah, the Exalted, engkish devastate them and they will fall headlong.

It is a sin to show any sort of respect to these people. In this way the withdrawal of Absolute Knowledge becomes necessary from the Prophets A and the course of his wicked fnglish is more jaramain than the course of Unseen Knowledge, because the attainment of Absolute Knowledge of something for every man and animal is manifest from the attainment of some sciences of Unseen.

Allah may grant him a long life and keep him sound and safe in both the worlds. The minarets of his light are very lofty. Protect this illustrious scholar by the intercession of Your beloved A and give him the asylum from unbelief, polytheism and transgression.

Husam-ul-Haramayn in English

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Ulama -i- Arab ke Khutut, p. These are the people upon whom the curse of Allah has descended. They stand remote from the religion. The state of time is the same as the most truthful and the believed one blessings of Allah be upon him has informed that a man engliish get up early in the morning as a believer and go to sleep as a disbeliever or shall go to sleep as a believer and get up early in the morning as disbeliever.

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Imam Tirmidhi has narrated that whoever being under the spell of any haramajn prays: Imam Tabarani has reproduced a narration of Hazrat Anas may Allah be pleased with them in which the Holy Prophet A is reported to haramaain said: He was entrusted khilafat by Fazal Barelvi.


Matb’a as S’adat, AH. Praise be to You as it ought to be.

It has excellence over all cities of the world. Desire of being buried in Madina made him an immigrant to husswm. We can say without any suspicion that these persons are themselves astray, misguided and arduous unbelievers. He deserves that he be called a helper of the true religion.

He the wretched believes in the extensive knowledge of his guide Diabolos Iblees but forms such an opinion about him, who was taught by Allah which he did not know and Allah’s great grace was upon him. If these people do not resort to repentance after the commission of these blasphemous acts, they should be assassinated by the order of Sultan of Islam as their blood shedding is allowed.

May Allah enable the believers to get benefit from his life, and hudsam may be granted long life and abode in paradise.

Full text of “Hussam ul Haramain English”

He was known as ustaz ul Ulama and muhaddis Harmain Shrifain. Its words are resplendent like pearls, rubies and emeralds, which have been written to get spiritual benefit. He was bestowed with the knowledge of past, present and future.