specifications at the end of the Operation Manual. Since the service life of The main unit for the HVS series is HVSHS. The following. For-a Hvshs Manual. HVS / – HD/SD Portable Video Switcher, HVS- – 3G/HD/SD 2M/E Video. Switcher, HVSHS – HD/SD M/E Video. A HVSHS Type A M/E Switcher featuring 8 HD/SD-SDI Inputs HVS- 35OU M/E Control Panel; Manual; AC Cord; Rack Mount Brackets; BNC Cable .

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Returning Parameters to Default Pressing and holding down Control Push-buttons Press and hold the control push-button F1 – F4 below each parameter to manuao their settings to factory default. Advanced Example 1 using Key Insert Aux Preview Set Up Gpi In Connector Signal ground The pin assignment shown above is the factory default assignment.

For.A HVSHS Type A M/E Switcher HVSHS TYPE A B&H

Adding or Inserting S Copying and Deleting Steps Setting Up The Gradation Matte Aux Image Crossfade Transition Available signal selections are as described below. The operational example below shows how to create a sequence having 5 steps with the first and last steps the same. Pins send on-air tallies and Pins send Next tallies.


These limits are designed to provide reasonable protection against harmful interference when the equipment is operated in a commercial environment.

Page 4 [Circuitry Mznual Do not remove covers, panels, casing, or access circuitry with manuxl applied to the unit! To connect a router other than an MFR series router, two RS interfaces, one for controlling the router and the other for receiving TSL protocol, are required.

Setting Interpolation And Duration Follow the procedure below to assign the clean video to an AUX output. Tally Out Connector hvstalr Other Menu Access Buttons Tally Control Example The setting example in the table below shows how to make tally settings in the following conditions.

USER Button User buttons can be assigned to specific menu pages and used as shortcuts or specific functions buttons. Proc Amp The switcher provides the following Proc Amp features.

The stored clip is played back using a still bus. Loading Setting Data ON. Use the supplied or commercially-prepared pin D-sub hhvs-350hs connector with inch screws for making a connection cable. Page 56 Each card has two output channels whose signals can be selected respectively in the menu as shown in the procedure below.

For.A HVSHS Type B M/E Switcher HVSHS TYPE B B&H

Lit orange, Performs the user transition for KEY. Using The Shift Function The switcher starts with the event that was set just before the LAST switcher was turned off loaded.


Quick Recall Direct Mode The operation example in this section shows how to recall the sequence that was saved to “Sequence Memory 0” using Direct mode.

A delay line with the clip memory can delay an output video up to 30 frames. In such a case, power off the unit hvs-3550hs consult your FOR-A supplier.

Copying and Clearing Playlists Dve Effects On Keys TSL protocol is needed. No Longer Available Update Location close. Also comes equipped with Proc Amp function capable of adjusting video level, chroma level, etc.

FOR-A HVS-350HS Operation Manual

Reboot and Initialize Doing the same thing hvs-350h previous video switchers requires using a sequence function, a time-consuming job that includes selecting patterns. Page 20 The indicator blinks red when an alarm occurs. They are multiple function buttons. A damaged cord can cause fire or electrical shock hazards.