INFeD® improved the hemoglobin response to erythropoietic therapy in have been reported after administration of iron dextran injection, the drug should be. iron dextran – Drug Summary. Jump to INFeD Intramuscular Inj Sol: 1mL, 50mg . INFeD: INFeD is administered by intramuscular or intravenous injection. Allergan, Inc.: Intravenous or intramuscular injections of INFeD are indicated for treatment of patients with documented iron deficiency in whom.

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Supplemental iron may be needed during maintenance therapy to facilitate erythropoiesis. Reticulocyte count will increase in days and peak in days. Do not administer iron dextran to patients with evidence of iron overload e.

Adult men, Adolescent males, and Postmenopausal women. Ferritin and transferrin are also recommended monitoring parameters. The infec make inffd claims of the accuracy of the information contained herein; and these suggested doses are not a substitute for clinical judgment.

Total dosage with iron dextran must be individualized according to the patients age, weight, and the degree of the iron-deficiency anemia. Subcutaneous injection results in slow absorption and staining of subcutaneous tissue.

INFeD (iron dextran) dose, indications, adverse effects, interactions from

There are limits to the volume of iron dextran that may be injected IM per 24 hours based on pwckage age and weight; see dosage guidelines. Children 5 — 15 kg 11 — 33 lbs: Patients with a significant history of allergies e. Iron crosses the placenta, and pregnancy increases iron-intake requirements. A test dose should be administered before the administration of the therapeutic dose.


Dilute the total calculated dose see Dosage in to mL of 0. Minor Inadequate iron stores will interfere with the therapeutic response to epoetin alfa e.

Am J Kid Dis. Patients with hemoglobinopathy and other refractory anemias that might be erroneously diagnosed as iron deficiency anemias are at particular risk for such iron overload. If test dose uneventful, infuse the remainder of the total calculated dose IV over 2 to 6 hours. March Product No.: Periodic hematologic determination hemoglobin and hematocrit is a simple and accurate technique for monitoring hematological response, and should be used as a guide in therapy.

Recipient’s Email Separate multiple email address with a comma Please enter valid email address Recipient’s email is required. Ferric iron is then gradually released into the plasma where it combines rapidly with transferrin. There are limits to the volume of iron dextran that may be injected IV undiluted per 24 hours based on patient age and weight; see dosage guidelines.

To restore hemoglobin and replenish iron stores in iron-deficiency anemia due to causes other than blood loss. Observe the patient for at least 1 hour after test dose administration. Administration of iron does not stimulate the production of red blood cells, nor does it correct abnormalities not caused by iron deficiency. Inject deeply into the upper outer quadrant of the buttock gluteus maximus only using a 2- or 3-inch, or gauge needle. Although anaphylactic reactions known to occur following INFeD administration are usually evident within a few minutes or sooner, it is recommended that at least an hour or longer elapse before the remainder of the initial therapeutic dose is given.


If test dose uneventful, give the remainder of the total dose as 50 mg of elemental iron per day IM or slow IV until the total calculated dose is given. Iron dextran is contraindicated for use in patients with anemia not associated with iron deficiency.

Iron dextran (INFeD)

A value of 12 may infee used as a target normal hemoglobin. Fatal anaphylactoid reactions have occurred during the parenteral administration of iron dextran.

Potential alternatives include iron salts, polysaccharide-iron complex, and iron sucrose.

Transferrin eventually becomes available for reuse. Pediatric Use Alternatively the total dose may be calculated: Iron stores are utilized in erythropoiesis and can be depleted during therapy even in patients with normal pre-treatment iron concentrations.

Therapy with iron should generally be delayed until 24 hours after the cessation of dimercaprol therapy. In the second stage, macrophages ingest the iron dextran and enter the lymphatic system and eventually the blood. Infants 4 months and older weighing less than 5 kg.

Before administering therapeutic doses, a test dose of 25 mg 0.

Iron dextran is classified in FDA pregnancy risk category C.