A Jessner peel is a medium depth chemical peel that is done by a dermatologist. It is one of the most effective peels to remove superficial layers. The Jessner Peel was designed to remove superficial layers of skin, dry out active mild stinging, mild swelling and redness, mild crusting and finally peeling. An aesthetician told me i needed a jessners peel for sun damage i have Chemical peels differ according to their strength, or how deep they go.

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The book “Aesthetics and Cosmetic Surgery for Darker Skin Types” states that TCAs at concentrations of 50 percent have been discontinued because it puts dark-skinned patients at risk for hypopigmentation, hyperpigmentation and scarring. A Jessner peel is for both men and woman who have acne, fine lines or uneven skin tones. While one treatment is usually only needed, the process can be repeated in 4 week intervals.

Beta hydroxy and alpha hydroxy acids are typically used for superficial chemical peels. Dry skin will usually result from a Jessner Peel right away, and the skin will be tight and red.

I went with the Jessner Peel because I liked the fact that usually only one treatment is needed. People with darker skin tones in particular should always go to an experienced dermatologist for any peel, including the Jessner, to prevent permanent pigment problems and other side effects.

Those with severe cystic inflamed acne should not have this procedure done. Would one layer be enough to give me results, but still be safe since I am considered to have a darker skin tone?

More than one layer of the mixture may be applied depending on how severe the skin that is being treated is.

The peel sounds like it would work well for my skin. After the peel, your skin may continue to burn or sting for 20 minutes or more. Like all other chemical peelsthe Jessner peel is done by brushing an acidic liquid onto the skin to remove the top layers and encourage new, younger looking skin to grow. Understanding panic attacks and learning how best to support yourself and….


Claim for details or learn more. One thing that I feel peeking important to note is if you have a sensitivity to aspirin, you should not have the Jessner peel done.

I have had a Jessner Peel done before.

A Jessner Peel works great for those with dull skin, white spots on the face, and lip creases. My dermatologist did ask me this when we consulted.

A Jessner Peel can be used to assists with treatment of Melasma. Taking care of your skin after a peel. Your doctor may also ask you to follow a particular skin care plan for two to four weeks before your peel to reduce side effects and make the peel more iessner.

Jessner Peel — by Advanced Dermatology

It is one of the most effective peels to remove superficial layers of the skin. A Jessner peel, according to the book “Aesthetics and Cosmetic Surgery for Darker Skin Types,” is a superficial peel that is used to treat photoaging, age spots, acne, post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, melasma and freckles.

After three to five minutes, your doctor will remove the peel and apply a cool compress and lotion to soothe your skin. Everything You Need to Know Chemical peels should often be left to the professionals, but if you’re going to do it anyway, here’s what you need to know to stay safe and informed.

I have seen that those with dark skin tones should not have this done. However, it can also be used as a superficial peel, which has a faster healing time but needs to be performed more often to get the results of a deeper peel. I have had a Jessner Peel done. A calming mask will then be applied to the skin. Chemical peels are used to treat different skin problems such as acne, sun spots, fine lines, wrinkles, and uneven skin tone and texture.

To begin a Jessner Peel, the skin will first be cleansed with a glycolic cleanser, which will remove dirt, oil, and the outer layer of the skin called the horny layer. Jessner peels should not be used on pregnant women or people who are allergic to any of its components. American Society for Dermatologic Surgery: What You Should Know. If you are bothered by the redness and peeling of your skin, you can wear makeup to cover it once your skin is no longer irritated. Pregnant woman, those that are breastfeeding, and those with chronic skin conditions will not be good candidates for a Jessner Peel.


The complexion will be improved greatly, and pores may be reduced in size. It peeled greatly for the first week, but after that, fresh new skin was revealed. Cold sores could also appear, but will only appear if you are already susceptible to them. They also carry the risk of over-irritating your skin if not done correctly. I would say that if you are looking for ways to rejuvenate the skin, the Jessner Peel could be for you.

Baking soda is great for making your tub sparkle and neutralizing unwanted body odor, but that doesn’t mean it’s a good idea to rub it on your face… READ MORE. Store-bought Jessner peels are intended to be superficial peels. How does the Jessner peel work?

With a medium peel you may have the option of taking a sedative or painkiller to make the procedure more comfortable. I know that one site that I read said that if you do have dark skin, you will not be able to have multiple layers of the solution on the face.

Approximately 1 in 6 U.

Jessner Peel: What You Should Know

My skin had a healing time of a week or so. I was really worried about that but in all honesty, it looked like I just had a sunburn to the face. A Jessner peel is a medium depth chemical peel that is done by a dermatologist. We ask experts about the benefits and their tips on the experience. The peel is applied with gauze, a brush, or a cotton-tipped applicator.