Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. Returning to the land of the Sevenwaters trilogy (Daughter of the Forest, etc.), Marillier deftly weaves a fey story of. Juliet Marillier’s manificient return to the realm of Sevenwaters – a glorious stand- alone novel set in the world which became an instant Fantasy classic. Heir to Sevenwaters by Juliet Marillier, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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As a matter of fact, for a while he was in the running for marilliier favorite of the main characters’ love interests in the entire series. At her sister’s wedding, she meets rude, closed-off Cathal, one of her cousin Johnny’s personal guards. When her juliiet, only a mere seven years old, got cancer, we all visited her – and still do visit her – in the hospital and would help tell stories; stories of women strong enough One of my English sevvenwaters once told my class that instead of telling her daughter the fairy tales of Disney legend, the classic Snow White and Sleeping Beauty that had the gallant princes arriving to save the day, she’d always change the ending so that the princess saved herself or, better yet, saved mariloier prince too.

I love those strong, silent warrior types. This time around, they all pretty much agreed on what changes they wanted to my original manuscript. Hi Joshua, and thanks for posting. Marillier, I just wanted to say how much I loved Heir to Sevenwaters. The reward may be far greater than she ever dreamed…. I look forward to your next Sevenwater books!

It is also a testament to Marillier’s writing tl each story feels different from the others even when set in the same place with similar friends and foes. From the other comments posted, it sounds like Heir to Sevenwaters will prove as successful as your previous books. In the book, Sibeal travels sevenwtaers Inis Eala to stay hei awhile ho Ciaran thinks she needs to experience more of the world before making her final commitment to join the druids.


I have really enjoyed your books. I’ve said it before, but it’s great to see an effort at some diversity in stories that are set in ancient Ireland.

RSS feed for comments on this post. How have those stories inspired your writing and style? She is exceptionally good at the ordinary skills expected of a woman of her status, and on top uuliet that she is kind, loving, and a person of strong character.

At least one reader has written to me applauding the no-fuss decision to make this character gay. Usually she wraps up a story completely and the following book tackles new characters that are in some way related to the previous story. To Juliet, You have touched my life in such a profound way. I intend to keep on writing for a good while yet!

Looking for More Great Reads? Everything that is mentioned from the other books is easily explained in a way that’s not annoying for those who’ve read the previous books but is sufficient for those who haven’t to understand what’s happening.

Take Five Interview: Juliet Marillier and Heir to Sevenwaters

I wrote Wildwood Dancing after I had seven adult novels in print. The scholars disagree about a lot of the detail, and that allowed me to choose which theory I liked best, or to invent a new theory if the facts were unknown. At first I didn’t like the practical view point, after the first chapter though, I was hooked.

I had to wait until the circumstances were right, and it was a long wait. The plot was very well-paced, the characters well rounded, and the twists and turns surprising.

After reading the adventures of her grandmother, aunt, and cousin, Clodagh just seems rather…. I had to let the old reader know sevenwqters had happened to their favorite characters, while not including so much information about the past that the new reader got bored.


This fourth novel in the series recaptured the magic of the family that I felt was lost in book 3. All the subsequent siblings were sorely lacking in comparison.

Instead, I got half of a novel about huliet, and half of a novel about her fawning over Cathal. I would love to follow the story for another generation, featuring Saraid and Derelei, and giving Ferada marilllier big role as an influential woman in her mid-thirties a change from my young protagonists. I did leave things open for a sequel or two. I wanted to keep the focus on Clodagh, Aidan and Cathal.

The new villain, Mac Dara, is one evil dude.

The Sevenwaters Trilogy – Wikipedia

That is extremely loyal, Cara, and I am duly grateful! This book made me believe that Clodagh and Cathal will have to play a large role in the next book.

It was challenging to go back to Sevenwaters after eight years. But you also show how these romantic couples get separated by death eventually: Juliet lives in a year old cottage in a riverside suburb of Perth, Western Australia.

Juliet Marillier | The Official Site | Author of Historical Fantasy – Heir to Sevenwaters

Michelle, I appreciate your comments about book length. That will come out in its English language editions some time toward the end of What has been the most rewarding aspect of having written this book? Published November 4th by Roc first published Sefenwaters 1st Want to Read saving….